runAnova_bcl.m [click me to request] : Although Matlab officially provides a built-in function to conduct the ANOVA, the results is far from that outputted by SPSS. Here we provide a customized m function aims to replace the official functions in that it returns the same results as SPSS do. The current version supports both between subject, within subject, as well as mixed design with unlimited conditional levels.



 Suppose 1) we have a 2*2*2 mixed experiment design and have 20 participants.

                  2) while the two within factors are ‘a’ and ‘b’, the between subject factor is ‘c’. 


 directory            = 'D:\test';

 data                    = rand(20,4);                             %  suppose we have 20 subjects,each finished 4 conditions.

 expDesign.wsDesign     = {'a', 'b'; 2, 2};             %  suppose we have 2 factors, each of which has 2 conditions.

 expDesign.bsDesign      = [1 1 1 ...,2 2 2 ...]';   %  A between subject factor that has 2 levels.

 expDesign.bsVarNames = {'c'};                         %  A between subject factor "c" that has 2 levels.

 [result] = ranova_bcl(data,expDesign);

lptOut.m [click me to request] : Used to send TTL trigger via a parallel port under linux.




 portAdd        [double]: Port address (e.g., 888 = 0x378 )

 value             [double]: value to write (0-255)



 Author: Yang Zhang, Soochow University, Suzhou,China 2015

 Fri Jan 23 21:01:09 2015

topoplot_bcl [click me to request] : A MATLAB function to plot pseudo-3D topographics.


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